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FIXING A BLOCKED PUK: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All


A PIN code on your SIM card helps protect your phone's data.
For the safety of wireless subscriber’s data and monetary investment, many GSM phone manufacturers (such as AT&T and T-Mobile) provide an option to place a PIN lock on a SIM card. This PIN lock keeps strangers from accessing what’s on the SIM card or making calls with the locked phone. If you enter an incorrect PIN code three times, a PUK (Pin Unlock Key) code will be requested. This number is provided by the service provider.

Take the battery cover off of the blocked phone and remove the battery.

Write down the phone’s IMEI and SIM card number. The IMEI can be found on a sticker behind the phone’s battery (which you’ve already taken out). The SIM card number is printed on one side of your SIM card.

Put the phone back together and power it on.
Call your wireless provider from another phone and ask to speak with someone about PUK unlocking.

Provide the representative with information from the phone and SIM.

Put the given code into the PUK lock screen to unlock your phone and SIM.

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone From AT&T


Unlock a Samsung Phone From AT&T

Unlocking your Samsung cell phone will enable it to be used outside of the AT&T service. Not only will it function with the AT&T service, but with any other carrier and any other SIM card, anywhere in the world.

Power phone off. Remove AT&T SIM card and insert any other SIM card from any other carrier. Power phone on.

Wait to be prompted for a “Password.” Enter unlock code.

Note that if your phone says “Insert correct SIM card” your method is slightly different. Enter #0111* followed by your unlock code and the # sign.
Select “OK” if prompted to confirm. Restart phone to confirm unlocking.

How do I Unlock My LG Metro Phone?


You can unlock your LG phone to use on another network.


If you want to use your LG Metro phone with another carrier, you will need to unlock the device. Unlocking the network on your LG phone is legal and easy to do. With the use of an unlock code, which you must obtain from your wireless provider or through a mobile unlocking company (see Resources), you can remove the network lock to allow you free rein on any other GSM or CDMA network.

Remove the battery on your LG phone and locate the SIM card slot. Insert a non-Cingular or AT&T card into the SIM card slot.

Remove the battery on your LG phone and locate the SIM card slot. Insert a non-Cingular or AT&T card into the SIM card slot.

Power the phone back on and press the “Cancel” button when notified that the phone is restricted.
Enter the unlock code when prompted for the “Phone restriction code,” and then select “OK” to complete the unlocking process.

How to Retrieve a T-Mobile Pin

Each T-Mobile phone comes with a SIM personal identification number (PIN) that you must enter before you install a new SIM card into the phone. Although the default PIN is 1234, you can change it at any time. After you change the SIM PIN, you must remember it. If you fail to do so, the phone will block the SIM and require a PUK code to make any changes to it. To retrieve your PIN, you’ll have to enter the correct PUK code, which you can get from a T-Mobile Customer Care agent.

Call T-Mobile Customer Care when your phone asks for the PUK code (see Resources). Give the representative the security information on the account, including the account holder’s name and address and the last four digits of his Social Security number.

Explain that you’ve forgotten the phone’s PIN and have reached the maximum amount of attempts to enter it. Write down the PUK code given to you. End the call.

Navigate to the SIM of your T-Mobile phone. Enter the PUK code when prompted. Press the “Enter” key.
Enter your new SIM PIN twice when prompted and click “Done.”

How to Block Phone Numbers on Brighthouse


Brighthouse allows you to block unwanted calls.

Unwanted callers are an almost inevitable part of phone service. If you have a Brighthouse land-line phone account, you have the option to block unwanted callers. While you cannot block specific phone numbers with Brighthouse, you can block all unlisted, unavailable and private numbers. Best of all, you do not have to call customer service to do this; you merely need to press a few buttons on the phone’s keypad.

Pick up any phone connected to the Brighthouse account. Make sure you hear a dial tone.

Dial “*77” on the phone’s keypad. You will hear three beeps that let you know the Anonymous Call Rejection feature is activated.

Hang up the phone.
Dial “*87” on the phone if you want to deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection.

How to Activate a New Sun Cellular SIM

SIM cards should not be bent or damaged.
When you travel internationally and still want phone service, use a SIM card from a local provider to connect to the mobile network. Sun Cellular offers voice, text, mobile Web and GPRS service in the Philippines. You must have an unlocked GSM phone to use a Sun Cellular SIM card.

Step 1

Power down your phone. Remove the battery cover and battery to expose the SIM slot.

Step 2

Insert your SIM card into your phone. The gold contacts on the card should face down.

Step 3

Replace the battery and battery cover and then power on the phone.

Step 4

Create a new text message. Enter “2300” in the recipient field.

Step 5

Type “NET” in the message field. Click “Send” to transmit the message and activate your SIM.

How to Reset an HP 460 Printer


Reset the printer to clear the error codes.

No matter what you use your HP 460 printer for, having some basic troubleshooting skills is essential. The cost of service on a printer like the HP 460 can be quite high, so knowing how to resolve common problems on your own can save you a lot of money. Most of the time, any error messages displayed on the printer will go away when the underlying problem is fixed, but occasionally you will need to do a manual reset to get the printer working again.

Press the “Power” button on the front of the printer to turn it off. Remove the power cord and the battery from the printer as well.

Hold the “Power” button in for at least 30 seconds. Release the “Power” button.

Replace the battery and the power cord and press the “Power” button to turn the printer back on. The HP 460 printer is reset when the power light stops blinking and stays on steady.

How to Put a SIM Card in an LG TracFone


Installing your SIM card is a simple process.


LG TracFones utilize the CDMA network structure, which requires the use of subscriber identity modules, or SIM cards, to store important information about cell phones’ services and contents. The first SIM cards were created in the early 1990’s Although these early devices were the size of credit cards, their current miniature dimensions still enable them hold large amounts of data, such as the account’s phone number, network authentication information, text messages and phone book contacts. Your LG TracFone will not function if the SIM card isn’t installed properly, so getting this process right is imperative.


Step 1

Turn the phone off and disconnect the charger as well as any headphones or other devices.

Step 2

Slide off the back cover and remove the battery from the internal compartment. The SIM card slot is under the battery.

Step 3

Align the notch at the top of the SIM card with the notch in the the slot. Slide the SIM card into the slot with the gold side facing down. Make sure it lays flat.

Step 4

Replace the battery and the cover. Turn the phone back on to ensure you installed everything correctly.

How to Unblock Someone’s Number on an AT&T Phone

By Mandy Slake

AT&T’s call-blocking service allows users to block calls from individual numbers. The user calls a special access number, then adds the block through the phone’s keypad. When the blocked caller calls the number, they hear a message that the number is not accepting calls. When the user wants to unblock the number, they can remove the block from the same menu.

Dial “*60” from a touch-tone phone to enter the selective-call-rejection system.

Press the “*” button to unblock a number.

Dial the number you wish to unblock.
Press the “#” key to confirm you want to unblock the number.

How to Access My Vonage Account Online


Vonage lets customers access their account online by using the

Vonage offers customers the option to access their account information online without any additional fee. The online account provides details about your current balance and billing cycle, future payment due date, pending charges, call activity and more. You can also change your calling plan, modify your 911 calling, manage phone numbers and add-ons and view video tutorials. Use your Vonage user name or phone number and password you received when subscribing to the service to log in and access your online account.

Go to the Vonage website (see Resources).

Click “My Account / Login” located at the top of the page.

Enter your user name or 10-digit Vonage phone number and password.
Click “Sign In” to access your Vonage account online.
How to Unlock a Samsung by Verizon

Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States. Most Verizon Wireless phones can be used on other service providers, if you can unlock the phone by obtaining the subsidy unlock code, or SUC.

Step 1

Call your service provider’s customer service line. Most cell phones have the customer service number preprogrammed as 611. If your phone doesn’t, you can find the number on your phone bill or the Verizon Wireless website.

Step 2

Explain to the customer service representative that you would like to unlock your phone for use on another network. If you purchased the phone for the no-contract price, which is usually two times more than the price for purchasing the phone under contract, you will be given the SUC, which you need to unlock your phone. If you purchased the phone under a contract, you are legally required to carry out the agreed contract and will have to prove to the customer service representative that they should unlock your phone for you.

Step 3

Turn your phone off when you’re ready to unlock it. Power your phone back on and hold down the factory settings keys. For most phones these are star (*) and one (1), but if this doesn’t work, check your phone’s user manual for the correct keys. The phone will start up and give you a blank screen with a text entry box. Enter the SUC in this box and press send. The phone will now turn off.

Step 4

Remove the SIM card, which is normally located behind the phone’s battery, and put in the SIM card for the service provider you wish to use. Power the phone on and place a test call to make sure that everything is working.

How to Check the IMEI on a Samsung Phone


You must stop surfing and turn off your phone to access the IMEI number.

The serial number for your Samsung phone, usually referred to as the IMEI number, helps customer service representatives help you troubleshoot problems with your phone. It’s also necessary if you want to unlock your phone using a specific character. The number displays in the same location on all Samsung phones — under the battery.

Getting Behind the Battery

To access the IMEI number, turn off your phone and remove the back cover. Take out the battery to expose the Samsung stickers hidden underneath the battery — the stickers are on the phone, not the battery. Look for a line of numbers under a bar code that’s labeled “IMEI” on most phones. For phones that work on the GSM network, the IMEI number should be 15 characters long. On the CDMA network, you’ll see only 11 numbers. Also called the ESN, or electronic serial number, the sticker might not say “IMEI,” but it should be the longest string of numbers on the sticker.

How to Disable the Caller ID on an iPhone

Disabling caller ID hides your number from people you call.

Apple enables the caller ID feature on the iPhone by default. While this feature is enabled, your phone number will appear on the display of phones you call that show a caller’s number. When you disable caller ID on your iPhone, the text “Private” displays on the screen of phones you call instead of your phone number. You can disable caller ID through your iPhone’s Settings menu.


Step 1

Tap “Settings” on the iPhone’s home screen.

Step 2

Tap “Phone.”

Step 3

Tap “Show My Caller ID” in the Calls section.

Step 4

Tap the “ON/OFF” toggle next to Show My Caller ID until “OFF” appears. Your phone number now appears as Private.

How to Replace a Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge

When the ink runs low on your Canon PIXMA printer, you can replace the cartridges and recycle the old ones. Many retailers will accept the empty cartridges for a discount. The Canon PIXMA uses PG-40 black ink cartridges and CL-41 color ink cartridges. Buy ink cartridges from office supply stores and computer equipment retailers. There is no need to call a computer technician when the ink needs replacing. Change the cartridges yourself in minutes at home.

Turn on the power to your Canon PIXMA printer. Raise the scanner bed to expose the printer cartridge carrier.

Push down on the cartridge to release it from the carrier. Pull the cartridge straight out.

Pull the protective tape from the new ink cartridge. Insert the cartridge just slightly at an angle and push it in until it clicks into place.
Close the scanner bed and wait for the cartridge carrier to return to the resting position.

How to Format an SD Card in a Cell Phone


An SD card must be formatted before it can be used in a cell phone.

Secure Digital memory cards are used in a wide variety of mobile phones to store everything from contact information to music and movies that you can play on your phone while you’re on the go. Before you can use an SD card, it must be formatted for your particular device. Formatting may also be necessary for cards that have been used for some time or were used previously in other devices. The formatting process varies slightly from one mobile phone to another, but the basic process is the same.

Step 1

Insert the SD card into your mobile phone. Depending on your phone model, the SD card slot will be located on the side of the phone or inside the phone under the battery.

Step 2

Go into the “Settings” menu of your mobile phone and select “Memory” from the available options.

Step 3

Select “Memory Card” from the menu options and then tap “Format SD Card” to begin formatting the card. This process will take from a few seconds to several minutes.

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