May 30, 2023


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How To Make Your NO SOUND ON MY PC Look Like A Million Bucks


Here are things you need to know to troubleshoot sound issues.

So here are the solutions to fix sound problems and brings to users who need computer troubleshooting in their PC sound.

1– Check the wiring of his headphones or speakers connected to his PC, make sure you have connected to the correct input of your sound card.

2-Check the sound level in Windows 10 (because if the sound level is at zero obviously you will have no sound)

3-Check if the device is selected by default in Windows 10

4-. Update your drivers to driver in Windows 10

5- Check if the Windows 10 sound service and activate.

it Problem with sound in Windows 10 you have to check your cables if they are plugged in properly? Most of the problems with your sound card are due to a bad connection of sound vocable a good troubleshooting for the sound of your card goes through a verification of vocable connect to your speakers or your headphones if they are quite simply connected.

at a glance you can see the problem appear and you can fix it right away. Isn’t plugged in the right place. Check if the on-off button of your speakers are activated and if not turn on your speakers, check if the cable is not dark in the jack where you have selected the wrong input for example in Micro input instead of sound input this is one of the most common problems that happen.

The way to troubleshoot this sound problem always starts with a check of the wiring 2 calves speaker and your headphones.It is really so simple to check that we pay more attention to it while it is the Béaba of computer troubleshooting for a sound card or for a sound problem on your PC computer.

No sound in Windows 10 can you check if the PC volume is not at zero? One of the ways to troubleshoot sound issue on PC and check if sound card sound volume in Windows 10 is not at zero it often happens on PCs that are misconfigured or people have touched it before before you are installed on it.

This is one of the first tasks to check for sound problems on PC.

Sometimes some software can mute the sound and in this case it is up to you to reactivate it and sometimes we can make a mistake and lower the sound to the maximum by mistake or not inadvertently and in this case it is up to us to reassemble it. its correctly.

To resolve this problem, simply position yourself on the Windows 10 taskbar where the time and date is located next to the network you can find a speaker icon at this time you just have to increase the sound Sometimes on the physical speaker of your laptop there is a real button that allows you to increase or decrease the sound on your computer,

make sure you have raised the sound on this physical speaker. In this case the sound cut on your PC and quite simply has a bad setting of Windows 10 or of a button external to your PC which will have to be set to the right level. No sound on your PC running Windows X check default devices?

On a PC computer, the sound card can be used to create sound from different sources, for example video on the Internet or MP3 sound or even a CD can broadcast sound from the sound card and electronics integrated into your PC which can be used to transcode sound so that you can listen to it on an external device which can be headphones or even external speaker to your PC computer.

On a PC there can be several external or internal device called sound device and in this case we can have an output on external speakers or on speakers on your screen monitor or even an external audio headset, from there on Windows 10 you have a component called audio settings or sound device which allows you to select the sound device that will be selected to send the sound outside the sound card you just have to activate it in Windows 10.

To do this you must position yourself on the sound window is activated by default the correct output. You can see on the screen below the VHD audio speakers for Windows 10 activate in green color.

If you have activated the wrong device in this window there may be an anomaly on the sound which will not work.

To access this window just click on the right button of the speaker at the bottom right then click on Open sound settings. No sound on Windows 10 trying to check for updates to the sound card drivers install?

A driver or driver and an application that has been developed by the manufacturer of the sound card or peripheral that teaches the electronic card how to behave with Windows 10, or even configure it. Sometimes a bad pilot

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