March 26, 2023


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How To Fix Instagram Not Working On Android


Instagram is one of the most popular social media with over millions of active users. Users can share their photos and videos with other people and view other people’s posts. The Instagram Android app has worked so for the users, but recently it has started showing “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped working” error.

Many users have been used by this error and this error mainly occurs while processing photos before uploading. The Instagram keeps stopping Android error occurs when users go to Image Processing Mode to apply filters and suddenly error messages on the screen.

They are then started at step one after pressing OK at the prompt and the cycle continues. Overall, users have been confused due to Instagram crashes Android error as they cannot post new photos on Instagram to share with their friends.

So in this post, we are going to tell you some quick fixes to fix Instagram not working on Android error.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working On Android

Instagram has stopped working error is associated with the latest update of the Instagram Android app itself and not with the Android firmware. So, this is not a serious mistake and can be fixed easily with just a few steps. There are several ways to fix Instagram keeps crashing

1- Restart your Android device

Sometimes a simple restart of your Android device is enough to fix all kinds of Android errors and Instagram keeps stopping on Android is no exception. To restart your Android device, hold the power button for a few seconds until certain options appear on the screen.

Press the Restart button to restore your Android device. Then open Instagram and the error should not appear while editing photos.

 2- Clear app data and cache

You can also try to clear app data and Instagram app cache to resolve Instagram smashes keep breaking Android. This is usually needed when you are updating the Instagram app and you still have the cache data from the old version, which might conflict with how the newer version works and show “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped. to work “.

To clear the cache and data of the Instagram app on your Android device, configure at Settings> Application manager> All apps> Instagram> and tap on Clear data, Clear cache, then Force stop.

3-  go back to the previous version

You can uninstall the latest version of Instagram app and download a previous version in which you did not encounter the error. On contacting the official Instagram support, it was found that Instagram is not working on Android, the problem started to appear after the last update of the app.

So reverting to the old version should fix the issue until the new Instagram app update is started. That’s it for the methods to turn off safe mode on Android phone or tablet. And for better management of your Android phone or tablet, you might need an Android manager.

AnyDroid is highly recommended, which allows you to view and manage files on computer and upload files between computer and Android handset, between Android devices even iPhone to Android, now download it for have a free trial.

The bottom line

Instagram is a popular social media image and video sharing app for Android and iOS devices. Users love Instagram because of its simple interface and convenient image and video sharing features. But for quite some time, users have been experiencing error as Instagram keeps crashing on Android.

A large number of users have been affected by this error and everywhere are asking for its solution. We hope the data solutions in this post can help you fix Instagram not working on Android error.

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