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what is the internet?


what is the internet?

1. What is the Internet?

Internet is a collection of computers that store information, documents and
exchange them.

The Internet is the global computer network that makes services like electronic mail and the World Wide Web accessible to the public. Its users are designated by the neologism “internet user”. Technically, the Internet is defined as the global public network using the Internet Protocol (IP) communication protocol.

The Internet having been popularised by the appearance of the World Wide Web, the two are sometimes confused by the uninformed public. In fact, the web is one of the applications of the Internet, as are e-mail, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer file sharing systems.

In addition, from the point of view of the confidentiality of communications, it is important to distinguish the Internet from intranets, private networks within companies, administrations, etc., and extranets, interconnections of intranets that can use the Internet.

2. Where can I find documents on a computer?

Schematise a computer by showing the wiring then caption the diagram. Write a list of items on a computer: Documents in the form of files are stored in

3. How do the Computers communicate with each other?

Computers use a language to communicate and exchange, this language is called a protocol.

4. What can you find on the Internet?

Images, games, music, films, texts, documents in a word, information. This information is available on websites, Blogs, discussion forums.

5. Internet what is it for?

Internet makes it possible to communicate (with electronic mail: email), to be informed, to learn, to discover.

6. How are people on the Internet?

You must have a computer connected. To access the Internet, you must pay a subscription to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) You can have a low speed or high speed (ADSL) connection. In the vast majority of
In this case, the connection is made through the telephone socket.

All information available on Internet therefore go through the telephone socket before reaching the computer! You must also have navigation software (browser) on your computer in order to be able to read information from the Internet

There are several, here are the two most famous: Internet Explorer and Firefox

7. What do the letters in an Internet address mean?

In browsers, a zone is reserved for Internet addresses (also called URLs), this allows you to know where you are on the web. These addresses initially seem quite complicated, but it’s all explained



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