May 31, 2023


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What is the internet browser?


Internet Browser is the applications that allow you to browse the Internet, whether on your PC or mobile phone. Because of this, you can say that Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge are all examples of browsers, or browsers.

But what defines an Internet browser? In general, the most basic Internet browser concept is that of an application for the operating system that allows the user to enter Internet page addresses and access them, provided they have a working Internet connection.

Basically, browsers transform pages encoded in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) for an understandable view for the average user. HTML is a hypertext markup standard (text, image, video, and audio) that defines how elements on a page should be displayed. So, instead of Internet users having to understand the browser command (marking that makes the word appear in bold), the browser displays the word browser in bold, making it easier to

Today, the displayed pages are quite different from primitive web pages created in the early 1990s. design of the pages. The style sheet allows you to define, for each element on the page, its colors, fonts, sizes and define modifications that will occur when the user passes the mouse over it, for example.

In addition to visual advances in the display of web pages, browsers process complete programming languages ​​such as the JavaScript language, with which it is possible for the user to interact with the web page without communication going to the server or, through the advances obtained. with the Assyncronous Javascript And XML (AJAX) technique, loading a single element of the page, without the entire page being loaded.

Recently, HTML5 was standardized, which brings innovations in what browsers present to users, bringing as its main feature the display of videos directly, without the need for additional software, such as Adobe Flash Player.

Like browsers, operating systems are also bridges that enable communication between the user and the computer. They are an interface between user language and computer language, expressed in binary format.

The operating system allows the user to perform tasks such as managing running applications, memory access and files on disk. In addition, the operating system translates user commands to the computer. For example, when the user double-clicks on an icon, the command is translated by the operating system for the computer to “understand” that the user wants to open a program.

Among the top examples of operating systems are Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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