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Top 4 Ways to Edit PDF on Windows

As the latest major released operating system by Microsoft, Windows 11 has received reception of some regular subscribers. Some of those who need to work with cumbersome PDF tasks on Windows 11 may ask: Does Windows 11 have a PDF editor? How to Edit a PDF on Windows 11? What is the Best PDF Editor for Windows 11? Hold on a minute, you can find the solution in this article in no time!

  • Does Windows 11 Have a PDF editor?
  • How to Choose a PDF Editor for Windows 11?
  • How to Edit PDF on Windows 11 with Third-party Software?

Does Windows 11 Have a PDF editor?

The truth is no, there is not a built-in PDF editor on Windows 11 currently. But we can make it easy to edit a PDF on Windows 11 if you have installed a flexible and convenient word processor — Microsoft Word. As a Windows user, you must be particularly familiar with this office software.

Microsoft Word — Edit PDF on Windows 11 with the Most Convenient Word Processor

Microsoft Word is a qualified and authoritative word processing software which was first released in 1983. Users can use Microsoft Word via purchasing standalone product, or getting the license of Microsoft Office suite or Microsoft 365. And it is available on both desktop and mobile phones. Word makes it simple to edit and replace text in PDF, change fonts, manipulate layout, adjust margins, insert images, etc.

Feasible Version: Microsoft Word 2013 or later


Comparing several ways to get a cheap license, we find out that you can use Microsoft Word by buying Microsoft 365 Personal for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Before getting the license, you have one month free trial. If you don’t want to pay for software, Office Online is the easiest way to use Microsoft Word without paying.

How to Edit PDF on Windows 11 with Microsoft Word?

  1. Go to Microsoft Word > File > Open to upload a PDF file from a folder. Right-click a PDF and open with Word also works.edit pdf windows11 word1
  2. In the pop-up window, click “OK”.edit a pdf windows11 word2
  3. Your PDF will convert to an editable Word document, you can edit and replace the content with ease.edit pdf windows11 word3
  4. After your edits, click File > Save AS and download your PDF with PDF format.edit a pdf windows11 word4

How to Choose a PDF Editor for Windows 11?

After all, Microsoft Word is a word processor and cannot replace a professional editor to deal with PDF problems. Next, we will introduce how to choose a professional and suitable editor from the following aspects.

Editing Features

The first thing that users need to consider when selecting a professional editor is whether its editing functions are powerful. When users turn a PDF file into an editable document, has the layout of the file changed? Except for editing and modifying the text, does the PDF editor have other tools such as annotating, inserting, measuring, filling and signing? You can check all of these on the product website or reviews.

Advanced Features

Other than providing the basic features for users, a qualified PDF editor should also offer some advanced and robust features for users. Such as adding digital signature block, making scanned PDF searchable and editable, encrypting, unlocking, processing files in batch, etc.

User-friendly Experience

Compared to the complicated learning curve of some software, a editor with straightforward interface is more attractive to most users. An intuitive interface of PDF editor makes users much easier to navigate the rich features included. Timely and enthusiastic after-sales service is also an vital factor in improving user experience.


It must be one of the questions that users are most concerned about. Most of the offline PDF editors on the market are paid on a monthly, annual or lifetime basis. There are also discounts for businesses that need a large number of licenses. In contrast, most online editors are free to use, but there are certain restrictions on uploading and downloading.

Security & Privacy

Although some online sites have made settings to automatically clear usage data within a few hours, there is still a risk of information and privacy leakage. Whether it is a business or personal need to deal with private documents like contracts or invoices using PDF editor, a professional offline PDF editor can provide more security for such people.

How to Edit PDF on Windows 11 with Third-party Software?

After learning about the vital factors of choosing a professional PDF editor, we have a pick for excellent PDF editors on Windows 11. Let your personal preferences guide you in making your decision from the following third-party software.

What is the Best PDF Editor for Windows 11?

Cisdem PDFMaster is a best-in-class PDF solution that aids users to edit and change text in PDF, annotate in PDF, rearrange pages, merge multiple files, set password, unlock password, convert PDF to Office, images, and other formats without any limitation.

Why Do We Recommend Cisdem PDFMaster?

Using the aforementioned criteria to measure Cisdem PDFMaster. This PDF editor offers users not only a wealth of editing tools, but also robust advanced features at a reasonable and cost-effective price. It solves complex tasks for users with the most intuitive interface and simple steps, while safeguarding all the information uploaded. This is definitely your best choice on Windows 11.

How to Edit PDF on Windows 11 with Cisdem PDFMaster?

  1. Download Cisdem PDFMaster and install it on your Windows 11.
    Free Download
  2. Import your PDF from your computer by clicking Open Filles.pdfmaster interface
  3. Click on the Edit tab in the toolbar and all the text in PDF is editable.edit windows11 master1
  4. Click the part you want to edit, then modify or add contents in the area.
    On the right pane, you are allowed to change the text color, style, size, add underline, insert link and more.
    edit windows11 master2
  5. Click Save to confirm your modified PDF document.

Other Recommendations

PDF-XChange Editor — Edit PDF on Windows 11 with Professional PDF Editor

PDF-XChange Editor brings reliable and practical service in editing, annotating, converting, printing, signing, and also sharing. The paid version provides additional functions such as making fillable PDF forms and combining PDF. This is a software specially designed for Windows users, which interface is similar to MS Office.

Latest Version: PDF-XChange Editor 9.3.361.0

Software Size: 343.3 MB


1 Year Maintenance: $56

2 Year Maintenance: $67

3 Year Maintenance: $72

Why Do We Recommend PDF-XChange?

  • Rich editing and annotating tools
  • Supports batch processing
  • Offers OCR-enhanced features

Limitations of PDF-XChange:

More than 70% of the functions can be used without a license, but watermarks will be placed on all the pages when you use the editing tools and the remaining features.

How to Edit PDF on Windows 11 with PDF-XChange?

  1. Go to File > Open to upload a PDF in PDF-XChange.edit pdf windows11 xchange1
  2. In the “Home” tab, click the “Edit” icon and start to edit the text as edited by a regular text editor.edit pdf windows11 xchange2
  3. Go to File > Save as to download your edited PDF document.

LibreOffice — Edit PDF on Windows 11 with Free and Open-source Office Suite

LibreOffice is an open-source office suite that provides users an opportunity to process text, create spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams, compose mathematical formulas, etc. Open-source software is computer software with source code that everyone has the right to use, study and modify. Therefore, this is a 100% free PDF editor without any restriction for every user.

Latest Version: LibreOffice 7.3

Software Size: 285.6 MB

Why Do We Recommend LibreOffice?

  • Totally free to use
  • Edit and modify text easily
  • Versatile templates included
  • Update regularly

Limitations of LibreOffice:

  • Do not support cloud service
  • Do not provide an assistance line

2 Simple Steps to Edit PDF on Windows 11:

  1. Drop a PDF file or open a file from your computer.edit pdf windows11 libre1
  2. Your file will be opened as an editable document.
    Locate the page you need to edit in the thumbnail, and click on a paragraph or table cell text to start editing.edit pdf windows11 libre2

Main Features of 4 PDF Editor on Windows 11

Products Main Features
1 Cisdem PDFMaster Edit, convert, digital signature, annotate, highlight, add text box, insert, OCR, split, compress, encrypt, decrypt, create and fill forms
2 PDF-XChange Editor Edit, add comments and annotation, highlight, convert, draw, insert, OCR, fill forms
3 LibreOffice Edit, annotate, draw, convert, insert bookmark, link, text box, sign, measure, compare, and print
4 Microsoft Word Change font, colour, font size, font style, alignment; insert images, tables, shapes; manipulate page layout; review

Final Remark

Above are the top 4 ways to edit PDF on Windows 11 we gathered for you. If you work with PDF documents occasionally, the free office suite LibreOffice can provide an excellent service for you. For office workers who need to perform dozens of PDF tasks every day, PDF Master is the best PDF editor on Windows 11 from an overall view.


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